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  • Bad Mouth is a bittersweet experience that makes you want to kick off your shoes and enjoy the sun on the terrace. The base consists of Grands Vin blackcurrant Rosé that provides a long-awaited counterpoint to the traditional heaviness and bitterness of the classic Vermouth.


    Bad Boy is made from cold brew coffee to extract a more concentrated and less bitter taste. Slow brewing allows all the notes of the coffee to really shine through.


    Liqueur is the first and only orange liqueur made in Denmark. On top of that it's also organic! The oranges in the liqueur are carefully picked and varies according to season. It is the pure essence of oranges. The smell and the taste makes you feel like walking on an orange farm in Sicily.


    Bad Boy is 70 cl 20%

    Bad Dog is 70 cl 40%

    Bad Mouth is 70 cl 16%

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